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"One Hundred Changes is a stepping stone to you new life, whatever you want to change, with the power of SMARTER Hypnosis and the support from your very own Hypnosis Life Coach. I highly recommend you invest in your future and join the Life Empowerment Club. Exciting and Mind Blowing, I haven't looked back since I started this system. I am grateful for being given the opportunity to change my life and to achieve my goals and dreams with amazing positive people."
Jay - UK

"I really love the saboteurs audio, it has done me the world of good. It's amazing to feel the turn around I am experiencing in my life. Perceptions of others have changed and I have strength where I all too easily gave into weakness. Ive had real light bulb moments and all this is down to the discipline of ensuring I make time everyday to select the right audio I need for the day. The list of audio is like a mind menu. The best thing is there is so much more to come. Be awesome everyone."
Greg - UK

"My life was being destroyed by fears that wouldn't allow me to leave my home. Thanks to David Knight and these incredible Hypnosis Brain Software Programs I now have new confidence, new power, a new job and a new life! This is truly remarkable. My thanks will never be enough for what you have enabled me to do."
Nicola - USA

"My business was being destroyed by my self limiting fears and yet after following this 21 Days or Less program I am again back on track and feeling amazing The results have been incredible and I highly recommend this program."
John - UK

"I wanted to give you some feedback on your Perfect Health Audio. Over the last 2 months I have used the Perfect Health audio on a daily basis. Some changes I have made include: I now get 6 to 8 hours sleep very night up from 2-3 hours.
I have had dermatitis on a large area of my left leg for 4 years and that's now completely healed.
I have had 2 tumours, one on my finger and a large one on my knee, both benign so Doctors said to leave it alone as after previous surgery the tumour grew back in my knee. The size of the tumour in my knees reduced by 90% and the one in my finger is gone. Bottom line, my husband and friends can see a big difference in me, all for the better. Thank you David Knight" - Marie Kingham - UK

"I love the Hypnosis for Health audio. I have listened to every night since purchasing it. I have seen a big difference in my health. I have tried other hypnosis audio but can honestly say yours is the best by far. Thank you for your help."
Maryelen - UK

"The audio has me jump out of bed on a morning eager to start my day like a kid again. I am ready to explore, do and succeed. Breathing in confidence and breathing out negativity, my physical being is confident and I am getting on."
Lisa - UK

"Since purchasing the audio and joining this group I have become more positive and less stressed. I am more confident at work and Ive stopped thinking about what's behind me and I'm focused on whats in front. Every night I use the audio I'm ready for another attack of success the very next day. Highly recommended, try it."
Nigel - UK

"When I first reached out I was feeling incredibly anxious and uncertain about my future. Within a few sessions of listening to the audioI began feeling completely different. I became more confident in the direction I wanted to go and the right people started coming across my path, even my boss (Who I struggled with for years) noticed a change and began asking for my opinion. My confidence started to grow from just one listen to the audio. One of the best success has been experiencing deep healing and release from an old wound by continually being open to go into the subconscious mind. I didn't even realize what I was carrying with me. "
Katie - USA

"I love all the audio but I have a huge problem with self sabotage and I have found the audio wonderful for eliminating that. Previously my self confidence, self esteem and belief had all disappeared and I had essentially given up on my goals. Now I have the audio and I am back baby! I can do this, the visualisation of myself in the future is now so powerful."
Angela - UK

"These audios have allowed me to take time out for myself and I feel much more focused and centered. Finally I am moving forwards in a much needed steady manner."
Di - UK

"I have used a big range of this audio along with the affirmations from confidence to weight loss to stress management. I listen to them all on a regular basis and my life has been completely turned around. Healthier, happier, slimmer and more confident thanks to David Knight and his team. Thank you so much."
Lynda - UK

"I have learnt very quickly to turn the negatives into positives keeping a strong stable mind and ploughing forwards to my goals."
Nigel - UK

"Thank you for your 21 Days or Less e-book and audio program. I have been using the audio and affirmations for pain relief and today I am in less pain than I have been in for the past 22 years. This program has been so valuable and has changed my life, thank you."
Bill - USA

"The Audio motivates and turns negatives thoughts around. The audio also runs in conjunction with the Hypnosis Life Empowerment Program and is simply life changing. Thank you so much for this wonderful product."
Gill - UK

"I've been using several of your hypnotism audios over the past few weeks and the results have greatly exceeded my expectations. I've already been able to make several important changes which would not have happened without the audio, your encouragement and support."
Dawn - Canada

"The Head Cleaner is simply amazing, I listen to it each evening and it has cleared out so many unwanted files from my mind. It's totally brilliant. As I make my way through this course my whole outlook to life is changing. I feel calm, confident and more in control of my life."
Daphne - UK

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